Your pet looks to you for safety, protection and unconditional love. You would do almost anything to take good care of your pets, but you may have poisons around the home that could endanger them. If you educate yourself about household dangers for your fur baby, you may be able to prevent an accidental poisoning.

Inside the House

From foods to chemicals, your house has many hidden hazards. Some of the biggest dangers include:

  • Chocolate
  • Grapes and raisins
  • Any foods containing xylitol, a popular sugar substitute
  • Silica packets or other moisture-absorbing packets typically found in leather goods and shoe boxes
  • Some household plants, such as lilies or certain species of palms
  • Over-the-counter medications, especially NSAID painkillers
  • Any prescription medication
  • Some household cleaners
Be sure to store any of these items out of your pet’s reach, and pick up anything you may drop accidentally. Since dogs and cats act like vacuums, they can and will find anything you drop on the floor.

For the Outdoors

You probably know how dangerous antifreeze is, but many of the other items you use to keep your property looking its best can also be poisonous to your pets. Weed killers and fertilizers are big concerns for animals. Rodent poison and insecticides are also harmful to cats and dogs.

Supervise your animals around any of these substances, and be sure to seek emergency medical help if they ingest any harmful item. If you would like to know more about household poisons and pets, contact Companion Animal Hospital at 831-425-1970.