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Be Aware of These Pet Poisons

Your pet looks to you for safety, protection and unconditional love. You would do almost anything to take good care of your pets, but you may have poisons around the home that could endanger them. If you educate yourself about household dangers for your fur baby, you may be able to prevent an accidental poisoning. [...]

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Preparing Your Dog For Winter

With winter coming soon, you might be ready to bust out your winter coats. However, in addition to keeping yourself warm, you also need to make sure your furry canine is safe too. Keep Your Pet Indoors On colder days and evenings it is always best to keep your furry friend inside. Like [...]

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Pet Nutrition

Schedule your pet's yearly checkup today to make sure what you're feeding your pet still provides the best nutrition for the best health! Gluten free. Mature adult formula. Holistic. Grain-free. No by-products. Active formula. All Natural. Farm Fresh. The words on pet food labels can be confusing. How do you know the food you feed [...]

Vertigo in Elderly Dogs

Vertigo symptoms and cause Vertigo is a syndrome in elderly dogs that affects balance. Symptoms usually include staggering, a tilting of the head to one side, nystagmus, a rhythmic flicking movement of the eyes, nausea and vomiting. Occassionaly the dog may be unable to standand or most uncommonly roll over and over. Vertigo is not [...]

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