With winter coming soon, you might be ready to bust out your winter coats. However, in addition to keeping yourself warm, you also need to make sure your furry canine is safe too.

Keep Your Pet Indoors

On colder days and evenings it is always best to keep your furry friend inside. Like humans, animals can also get hypothermia. When you can, let them out on sunnier days but always make sure to bring them inside at night.

Get Extra Bedding

Consider putting your dog’s bed inside the house and get a few extra blankets. You can also accommodate your pooch by adding bedding outside or woodchips in their dog house.

Have Plenty of Water

Good hydration is important whether it is hot or freezing outside. However, you need to make sure this water is protected. If you leave your dog’s bowl outside, then it could freeze. You would not want your dog’s tongue to be stuck to the side of the bowl.

For the most part, just make sure your pooch stays comfortable, and it will have an enjoyable winter with everyone else in the family. If you need to give your pup a checkup before winter hits, contact Companion Animal Hospital at 831-425-1970