Animal Laser Therapy

The Latest Technology for the Health of Your Pet

Deep-penetrating light allows relief of pain through release of endorphins and stimulates injured cells to heal faster.

What Will the Application of Laser Therapy Do for My Pet? Simply put, it provides relief.

  • The Companion Therapy Laser allows your pet to heal faster after surgery or any traumatic injury.
  • It eases pain and improves mobility without the use of pharmaceuticals and surgery.
  • Laser therapy provides your geriatric animal relief of aches and pains, and allows for more freedom and improved quality of life.
  • Everyday disorders, such as lick granulomas and chronic ear infections, that cause severe pain and discomfort are instantaneously relieved.
  • Laser therapy applied with the Companion Therapy Laser system provides a sterile, pain-free, surgery-free, drug-free treatment, which is used to treat a variety of injuries, wounds, fractures, neurological conditions, numerous dermatological problems and pain.

Laser therapy is the only course of treatment that stimulates the body to heal from within. Non-thermal photons of light are administered to the body and absorbed by the injured cells. The cells are then stimulated and respond with a higher rate of metabolism. This results in increased circulation from the body, an anti-inflammatory reaction, relief from pain and an acceleration of the healing process. Learn more about Companion Animal Laser biological effects.

Whether your pet is rehabilitating from trauma or injury, healing wounds or simply aging, your companion will benefit from this revolutionary approach to veterinary medicine.

What to Expect During Laser Therapy Treatment

As the laser is administered, your pet will relax and enjoy, much like you, experiencing a good massage. The almost immediate relief of pain will allow your pet to be comfortable, and any anxiety that your pet initially experienced will dissipate. Angry feline companions will start to purr, and most of our canine companions will fall asleep during their therapy session.

Frequently, after therapy, the quote is heard: “our young animal is back” or “she acts like a puppy again.” Pain relief is provided in just a few minutes of therapy, and that alone improves the quality of life for your best friend.

Disorders That Respond Best to Companion Laser Therapy

  • Pain relief
  • Wound healing
  • Arthritic conditions
  • Intervertebral disc disease
  • Pyotraumatic dermatitis
  • Post-surgical pain relief
  • Degenerative joint disease
  • Lick granulomas
  • Degloving injuries
  • Dermatological conditions
  • Periodontal disease
  • Gingivitis
  • Otitis
  • And more

They have spent their whole life being your friend. Isn’t it time you helped them through the aches and pains of everyday life?

If you think your pet is a good candidate for laser therapy, call our Westside Santa Cruz animal hospital today. The veterinarians here want to help.