You are lucky to have the love and devotion of a pet to brighten your days, and for all the warm companionship you receive from your pet, and you want to repay them with the best care you can provide. That includes realizing the importance of pet checkups. Here are three reasons why your pet’s well-being is enhanced with regularly scheduled annual checkups.

Part of your role as caretaker is to understand the importance of pet checkups. Learn more about what to expect during your pet’s annual checkup by calling Companion Animal Hospital at 831-425-1970.

  • The vet will be able to give you an update on your pet’s overall health condition. The exam allows the vet to analyze your pet from nose to tail, including ears, teeth and eyes.
  • With the information the vet gives you, you can determine if changes need to be made in your pet’s activities or diet to stay in line with their aging condition. Perhaps, if there are signs of joint fatigue, you will decide to utilize a ramp to help your pet access the vehicle.
  • Pets don’t always give their owners a signal if they are in discomfort due to problems with their teeth or gums. A vet can see if there is a dental issue you’ll want to address, either soon or to plan for in the future.