For many cats, an indoor life is the safest lifestyle available. However, a few problems can arise when your cat is exclusively indoors. You might notice weight gain in your feline friend or signs of boredom. To get your cat moving during the daytime, try these simple tips to encourage exercise and mental stimulation.

Set Up a Food Hunting Course

Cats are happiest when they’re allowed to engage in the primal urge to hunt. They’re natural-born predators, so encourage their instincts by hiding food throughout the home. If you’re not keen on leaving exposed food in the house, try a treat ball. These types of cat toys release food only when your cat is active and plays.

Purchase a Cat Tree

In addition to hunting, cats love to climb. To promote exercise and muscle strengthening, purchase a cat tree. Whether you go all-out with a cat jungle gym or you opt for a space saving simple tree, your cat will benefit from the opportunity to engage in natural behaviors like climbing and scratching.

Enroll in Training

If your cat seems to suffer from extreme boredom, consider enrolling him or her in cat agility training. This provides an excellent form of exercise for your cat and also promotes bonding between cat and owner. If you’d like to learn more about how to keep your cat happy and healthy, calling Companion Animal Hospital at 831-425-1970.